Choosing the best birth control method can be daunting if you don’t have guidance. The choice of birth control Lake Mary can depend on your needs, especially how you want to plan your family. Since the methods are different, you might need a specialist to help you decide.

Types of birth control methods

Birth control options bear different characteristics and are made differently. They might be hormonal or non-hormonal.

Hormonal birth control options include the following:

Birth control pills

Also referred to as oral contraceptives, birth control pills are oral medication that helps to prevent pregnancy. You take the pills daily. While the pills are of two colors, your doctor will discuss how to take them.

Birth control patch

If you don’t want to take daily pills, you can settle for a birth control patch which you wear on your skin for a week, for about three weeks. It releases hormones that prevent pregnancy.

Birth control shot

Also known as Depo Provera, it is an injection that your doctor can inject on your buttocks or upper arm to prevent pregnancy. It is a good choice if you don’t like taking pills, and one shot lasts longer.

Intrauterine device (IUD)

An intrauterine device is a birth control method that your doctor inserts into your uterus and can last for several years. It is T-shaped, just like the female reproductive system, to ensure ease of use. An IUD can either be hormonal or non-hormonal.

Vaginal ring

Also known as Nuvaring, it is a flexible plastic ring that you insert into your upper vagina. You can wear it for 21 days and remove it for seven days. The removal allows for your menstruation; once it passes, you can wear another vaginal ring.

Birth control implant

Your birth control specialist might insert a small rod in your arm to prevent pregnancy. The implant can be effective for up to three years. A good example is the NEXPLANON implant.

Non-hormonal birth control options

The only available non-hormonal birth control option is the condom for both males and females. It can prevent STD infections and pregnancy.

Factors to consider before choosing a suitable birth control method

Your choice of birth control will depend on your needs and when you want to carry a pregnancy, among other factors. While you might need birth control to help prevent pregnancy, someone else might use it to avoid pregnancy and to regulate their hormones.

The following are factors to consider:

  • The convenience of use. While one person is all right with taking the daily pill, you might prefer a shot or an implant to last you longer.
  • Required maintenance. Oral pills require you to take them daily, and it is not advisable to miss a dosage. However, a birth control shot can help you prepare for your next appointment easily since it is not a daily issue.
  • Potential side effects. While condoms can have little or no side effects, you can experience breast tenderness and nausea with hormonal birth control. 

If you are due for your birth control appointment or looking for a suitable treatment plan, visit Christopher K. Quinsey, MD, for treatment. You will experience extensive guidance that discusses all the birth control options. Call or book an appointment online for the best birth control option.

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