Some Major Causes of Back Pain

Nothing is more disturbing than experiencing back pain. Many people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is among the common conditions that people complain of and seek treatment for. Back pain is a symptom of other medical conditions and may have different causes based on your activities.

Some people will get treatment for their pain, while others do not have access to a good specialist to help treat their problem. If you have a back pain problem, a Portland non-operative orthopaedic specialist will ensure your problem is gone. Different minimally invasive treatments can help eradicate your pain and give you a healthy and pain-free life. Here are the different causes of back pain you must know.

Pulled Muscle or Tendon

Your back comprises different muscles and tendons that support the body. Sometimes you may lift heavy objects that may harm your muscles or tendons. You may also strain during exercise or even when you sleep in an awkward position, affecting your muscles. All these conditions may make you experience painful moments with unending back pain. The pain makes you uncomfortable to the extent you are unable to do your daily duties. Most people will even lack good sleep and must live with painkillers to calm the pain. The muscles or tendons may cause tightness and spasms, which causes discomfort.


When your body has some injuries or infection, you may experience inflammation as a way of the body’s immune response. When you have inflammation in your back, you will experience pain and discomfort. If not treated, the pain may persist and continue to affect your back. You will have chronic soreness on your back until the underlying problem is treated. Inflammation may be mild or chronic, depending on the extent of your injury. Back pain can disturb your everyday life until your inflammation disappears or the cause of the inflammation is diagnosed.


Many people have arthritis which comes with unending pain. Different types of arthritis exist, which affect different body parts. There is a type of arthritis that affects the spine leading to back pain. Until the condition is treated, you will experience pain continuously. Some patients live with unending pain and only calm it with painkillers. Patients continue to suffer until the condition disappears. Arthritis remains a top disease that contributes to back pain in many patients.

Ruptured Disc

The spine comprises many discs stacked together to hold the body. You may get an injury on your spine that may cause your spine disc to separate. Once the disc is ruptured, you will experience unending back pain, which affects your daily life. The herniated disc will continue to affect you until your doctor corrects your problem. Disc pain is debilitating, especially when not treated in time. As you continue aging, your spine discs become more prone to damage that puts you at risk of back pain.

Back pain is manageable, especially if the cause is not severe. You can use home remedies and therapy to manage the pain. However, there are instances when the cause is serious, either an injury or disease, which may require you to seek medical assistance. Your doctor may apply invasive treatment methods to ensure your problem disappears.