Oral supplements and IV therapy aim to provide our bodies with the proper nutrients without sacrificing effectiveness. Though one might not expect it, both strategies differ significantly. The primary and most evident distinction is how nutrients are delivered to the body.

To take oral supplements, which come in liquids, tablets, and even capsules, one needs to swallow them. Contrarily, in IV therapy, the nutrients are administered to the body via needles that are injected into our veins, allowing the nutrients to travel directly to our bloodstream. In this manner, it is possible to guarantee that the body will adequately absorb the nutrients.

Why opt for IV therapy instead of oral supplements?

Fast and higher absorption

When taken combined, specific vitamins can interfere with absorption, and some oral supplements can flow through our bodies without the body receiving any of the nutrients.

However, when using IV therapy, we do not need to worry about this because this method guarantees that our bodies can absorb 90% of the nutrients provided to the body, regardless of how large or tiny the quantity may be. Due to its effectiveness, IV therapy is a quick fix for a hangover, jet lag, and other conditions.

Individualized care

Everybody is different and has specific demands and requirements to be met when treating any illness. Therefore, medical professionals must tailor their care to the patient’s needs. With the traditional oral supplement, though, more is needed.

Even so, IV therapy allows for the seamless tailoring of the optimum mixture of the proper drugs, fluids, and nutrients to meet the body’s unique nutritional needs. There are instances where doctors combine IV therapy with oral supplements to provide patients with the proper nutrients or drugs.

Avoid the potential side effects of oral supplements

Whatever you eat must pass through your complete digestive system. Oral supplements come in various sizes and shapes, which raises the possibility that they can irritate other digestive tract organs. 

Irritation of the stomach lining is one of the oral supplements’ most frequent adverse effects. Specific vitamins may interfere with acid reflux, while other oral supplements may completely upset our stomach. 

With IV therapy, one can obtain all the necessary nutrients much more effectively without upsetting the digestive system or irritating the stomach lining.

It is an effective way to hydrate from the inside

The foundation of any drip is fluids. IV therapy is a more practical approach to hydrating our bodies than just drinking water, in addition to being an excellent way to provide nutrients. Saline and lactated ringers are the two types of liquids used in IV treatment.

Saline is a mixture of salt and water, and the alternative is lactated ringers, composed of potassium chloride, sodium lactate, sodium chloride, and calcium chloride. Lactated ringers are typically used in IV therapy. However, the doctors may alter this based on the patient’s specific needs.

The botton line

IV therapy is an excellent alternative to deliver nutrients to your body without swallowing pills.