When Your Children Act Like They Don't Like You: How to Respond

Although it does not happen very often, sometimes children do not look like both parents or even one of them. With men, they often think the worst. Nowadays, there are DNA tests that make it easier to find out if a baby is your child or not. However, these differences in characteristics between fathers and sons can be explained by the way DNA develops. A child gains 50% of the mother’s genes and 50% of the father’s genes; this is what it is compared in a paternity test to find out if there is a biological connection between a child and a father. What many people do not know is that genes are further divided into recessive and dominant genes.

This is how the mind and body are defined

Every human being that is born is different and unique. Not only physically but also in the way we think. The genes of each person form these differences. Have you ever said to someone “you are just as stubborn as your father”? These are bits of information that move within the genes from parent to child. However, sometimes children look a little like their parents. There are known cases of white babies born from black parents. This phenomenon usually occurs when recessive genes tend to dominate in defining characteristics. Two black parents may have recessive genes for white skin. When two recessive genes come together, a dominant gene is formed. Therefore, there are offsprings that differ from their parents to a large extent. This is not a bad thing; it is just something that does not happen very often.

A generation gap

Geneticists often say that when this happens, there is a “generation gap” in the genes. The genes that used to dominate no longer do so. When a child is born with these differences, he or she often has considerable improvements in other areas, such as the mind or intelligence. So-called “gifted children” are often an example of this. Children are born from average parents who manage to dazzle the world with their intelligence. If you have a child who does not look like you, do not think the worse. If you have doubts, you can take a paternity test. At first, it may take some time to get used to the differences, but in time, you will discover that you have a child with great potential. It is known that if two people with this generation gap have a child, they are likely to father what geneticists call “superhumans”; a tiny population of the world with formidable intellectual capacity.

By Inferno