As time elapses, the nature and behavior of people around every corner of the world also change. Over the years, you may come across the term LGTBQIA+ community. These groups of individuals are prone to several mental and physical complications. Due to the increased number of people joining lgtbqia san diego, the cases of diseases also surged. These health complications impact their overall well-being, including discrimination and stigmatization. As a result, we have decided to analyze the top six health complications the LGBTQIA community experiences. Let’s have a look.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

In the USA, bisexual, gay, and other men involved in sexual intercourse with other men are more prone to HIV. Adults and adolescent gay and bisexual men tally approximately 68% of the new diagnosis of HIV in the country. In most cases, they engage in sex without using protection such as condoms which is a major risk factor for transmitting or getting HIV. This community is also likely to experience human papillomavirus HPV.

Substance Abuse

Drug and substance abuse are more common among the LGTBQIA+ community. For instance, smoking is a common issue in this community. However, the habits can be dangerous to your well-being as it increases the chances of lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Studies have confirmed that gays or lesbians abuse alcohol more than non- LGTBQIA+ people. The increased substance use may be a coping strategy for the discrimination and stigmatization they experience.

Obesity and Eating Disorders

Lesbian women are more vulnerable to being overweight or obese. Nevertheless, gay men are less prone to being overweight or obese than straight men. Studies show that eating body image disorders are more popular among the LGTBQIA+ community. These people are more likely to experience harassment, image distress, and bullying, which increases the likelihood of obesity and eating disorders.

Cervical and Breast Cancers

Even though it is inconclusive, cervical and breast cancer are likely to affect the LGTBQIA+ community disproportionally. For instance, some studies indicate that lesbian and bisexual women are at more risk of breast cancer than others. The high risk occurs as they are more likely to abuse substances like alcohol. Besides, they experience stress disorders that contribute to increased risk.

Heart Disease

Heart diseases and cardiac complications are more likely to occur among lesbians, bisexuals, and gay adults. This high chance is caused by high chances of uncontrolled blood sugar contributing to heart disease. Furthermore, smoking and taking alcohol also increase the chances of high blood pressure, which are responsible for heart disease, dementia, and stroke.


Stigma and discrimination are more common among the Lgtbqia+ community. Both stigma and discrimination comprise several forms, such as harassment in jobs, family rejection of Lgtbqia+ teenagers and youths, violence, and overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. However, discrimination and stigma can negatively impact businesses, individuals, and the economy.  

The number of Lgtbqia+ members continues to upsurge, which can increase the number of physical and mental complications. Some common issues like heart disease, stigma, cancer, STIs, and HIV can massively affect your well-being. If you are a member, you should seek medical attention regularly to allow early diagnosis and treatment. Even though healthcare physicians may lack sufficient training on certain requirements of these members, there are still some practitioners who can help.

By Inferno