It is difficult to look at wrinkled skin and enjoy aging. In your arsenal of reducing the signs of aging on your skin, you have microneedling, a minimally invasive procedure that relies on your body’s rejuvenation abilities. Innovative Santa Monica aesthetics procedures such as microneedling involve making tiny puncture wounds on your skin to spur it to promote fresh collagen production and restore youthful-looking skin. 

Most people choose microneedling over other invasive skin rejuvenation techniques. Microneedling is mainly beneficial for your face but can work on other body parts, such as your legs. Microneedling confers many cosmetic benefits for your skin. Here are the top five reasons why the procedure is beneficial.

1. Reduces scars

Age-old scars are usually hard to remove with topical cosmetic applications since the buildup is deep-seated. With microneedling, the dermatologist pricks your skin, causing tiny wounds. The prickling process breaks down the scarred tissue while provoking collagen production to restore hydrated, elastic, and scar-free skin. You will need multiple sessions to see a resolution if you are using microneedling for scar treatment. Certain types of scars respond better to microneedling, such as burns, acne, and surgical scars. Consult a qualified doctor before getting treatment for scars or acne using microneedling.

2. Improves skin texture

As you age, your skin’s collagen production, elastin, and vital skin components break down. Microneedling leverages your skin’s natural healing ability. The injuries from microneedling generate fresh collagen and reveal underlying layers of unblemished skin. The procedure fortifies your skin with collagen, breaks hyperpigmentation, and leaves your skin supple. Microneedling is one of the best methods to get finer, lighter skin tones.

3. Removes sun damage

Besides getting quality vitamin D, the sun isn’t as friendly on your skin. Harmful UV rays from the sun dehydrate you and break down the collagen in your skin. Continued exposure to the sun causes sunspots. As the wounds on your skin heal, they reveal the underlying layers that are not covered with sunspots.

4. Shrinks pores

Large pores on your skin are usually associated with blackheads. Hair follicles collect oil and dirt around the large pores, causing blackheads. To reduce the occurrence of blackheads, microneedling shrinks the pores. The wounds cause collagen production around the pores, resulting in tightly knit skin. The prickles also cause the blackheads to open up and release, resulting in smoother skin without pesky blackheads.

5. Microneedling is safe for all skin types

Regardless of your skin, microneedling has great efficacy. Microneedling does not use surgical blades, anesthesia, or laser guns; therefore, it is safe for a large cadre of the population. People with darker skin tones usually develop sensitivity when using laser treatments on their skin. However, microneedling only involves pricks on your skin and relies on your skin’s healing abilities. However, you may need to consult with a dermatologist when seeking microneedling. Some skin blemishes may be signs of a health condition rather than a cosmetic one.

Microneedling is effective for treating multiple skin conditions. The benefits vary from person to person. Since microneedling relies on your skin’s rejuvenation abilities, some patients may experience resolution faster than others. Before you begin microneedling, you must visit a medical or aesthetic center to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Over time the benefits of microneedling spill over to adjacent treatment areas, causing improved skin texture and tone.

By Inferno