You go to work and it’s dark, you come home and it’s dark, this only means one thing. Winter is here. With winter being here it is getting much harder to get out of bed, find the energy to do the things you enjoy or even just find the motivation to get on with your day to day chores. One great thing about the winter is all the home-cooked foods that can be made in this season to keep you going and to keep you warm.

There are many foods that take longer to digest and this can help to raise the body temperature meaning that you feel warmer. The technical term for this is thermogenesis which is when your body produced heat for your metabolism. To encourage this process, look for foods high in healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.  In this article, we will go through some of the essential foods you will need to get you through the winter.


Rather than have your favourite bakery products like a croissant for your breakfast, why not change this for something a bit warmer like a hearty bowl of oat or your favourite porridge with your favourite toppings. Oats are a fantastic source of whole grains and fibre which will set you up right for the day. Fibre can really help you in the mornings as it can help to improve your cholesterol, keep you warm and help you to feel fuller for longer.

Eat Red Meat

Iron is an essential mineral that we need in our body to help move oxygen throughout the body. Red meat such as beef, pork and lamb are all fantastic sources of iron and can keep your levels up through the winter. If one is not a fan of red meat, then there are some great savoury sauces that you can use to mask the flavour and look. People who have low iron levels often report they have noticed that they have cold hands and feet and often also feel tired easily. Another fantastic benefit of eating red meat is you will have your supply of vitamin B12 which can’t be found in animal products and fortified cereals. B12 is an essential vitamin also as it aids in keeping your nerves healthy and your immune system strong.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is definitely a winter warmer and can be put in almost anything such as chilli, soup or even a warm salad. Butternut squash is packed full of flavour and is packed full of key nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Butternut squash is also high in potassium and vitamin C which both boost your immune system whist the fibre in the food helps to keep your digestive system healthy.

Drink Water

Water is great for the overall running of your body and drinking water in the winter can help you to feel warm. Due to water keeping your body functioning properly, it can also help to regulate the internal temperature of your body. When the body is dehydrated, it can cause your body temperature to drop and then cause hypothermia. When it gets cold, people forget to drink water. By carrying a bottle of water with you, you will have something to remind you to drink.