How to Brush Teeth Right and Right

Although it’s been done routinely 2 times a day, brushing your teeth is actually not enough because it can’t clean between your teeth to the corners of your mouth properly, especially if done in a hurry or in the wrong way. Therefore, you need to know how to brush your teeth properly.

How to Brush Teeth Right and Right – Alodokter

However, beforehand, also make sure the toothbrush you use has a soft bristle brush with a brush head that matches the size of your mouth. As much as possible, use toothpaste containing fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

5 Ways to Brush Your Teeth Correctly
To avoid various oral and dental health problems, apply the right way to brush your teeth by doing the following steps:

  1. Start with all molars
    After the toothbrush has been moistened and applied with enough toothpaste, rub the outside of the molars on the gum border and the teeth in a circular motion for about 20 seconds.

After that, brush the molars from top to bottom, starting from the gum line to the tips of the teeth, to remove plaque and food debris on the surface and between the teeth. Do it for 20 seconds.

Perform both movements on all the outside of the molars, both the upper and lower sides. After that, repeat the same steps on the inside of the molars.

  1. Brush the front teeth
    After all the molars have been brushed, point the brush to the outer front teeth. Move the toothbrush in a circle and slowly until all the surface of the front teeth are exposed, so that the remaining food and plaque attached can be swept away.

After that, rub the inside with vertical movements (up and down) or as if you’re hoeing, both in the upper and lower rows. Repeat this brushing method 2-3 times on each side.

  1. Brush the chewing surface
    The surface of chewing molars is wide and slightly concave, allowing food to stick there. Brush the surface of this tooth with a circular motion so that the rest of the meal so that food scraps can be lifted.
  2. Brush the tongue area and the inside of the cheeks
    After all the teeth brushed, do not forget to brush the surface of the tongue and the inside of the cheek with a toothbrush or tongue brush . The rest of the food and bacteria that cause bad breath may stick to this area, so you need to gently brush it too.