5 Common Myths about Boosting the Immunity System

Ever since coronavirus has become the talk of the town, people are becoming more inclined to focus on their physical health by boosting up their immune system. There is so much being said in this regard that it has become hard to differentiate between facts and fiction. Just as we rely on an authentic ESA doctors review to get an ESA, we must not believe in everything that we come across in regard to boosting up our immune system. You might have come across many misconceptions about it as this is the most debated topic in times of Covid-19, here are five of the most common ones that can be misleading for you:

  1. Supplements Cannot Boost Up Our Immune System:

To be honest, this is false! There are many tablets or supplements that can help in boosting up your immune system. You can get the ones that are best suited for you as per your doctor’s recommendation. Your immune system needs to have access to all the essential nutrients to function properly and to protect your body against external threats such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs. Therefore, it can be boosted up by consuming many useful immunity boosting supplements coupled with a diet that is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins E, C, and A, for even better results.

  • Stress Does Not Affect Your Immune System:

Stress can do a lot more harm to your body than you can imagine. It just not affects your mental health, rather it can lead to poor physical health too. Stress can directly affect your immune system by altering the way your defense cells i.e. white blood cells, react to the external threats such as harmful bacteria or other infection-causing germs. Chronic stress leads you to develop drinking and smoking habits which will surely be going to have a drastic effect on your immune system thus, leading you to poor physical and mental health. Do not take your mental health for granted, seek professional help, or else you will have to bear the brunt. 

  • Garlic, a Magical Cure:

Ever since the whole debate about the coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by storm, garlic has somehow emerged to be a magical cure for the coronavirus on social media. We cannot deny the wonders that garlic can do to our health by helping in the production of immune cells macrophages and to stimulate immune cell activity. However, labeling it to be a miraculous cure that can save us from falling prey to Covid-19 is wrong. It can be used as a part of our diet coupled with other nutritious food to boost up our immunity but shouldn’t be relied on solely to protect ourselves against the virus contagion. 

  • There is No Connection Between Sleep and Immunity:

Being caught up in a fast-paced life often makes it harder for us to get enough sleep per day. By enough sleep, we mean 7-8 hours of consecutive sleep per day and the duration may vary with the age groups. A sound sleep is vital for a healthier life. It helps in reducing our stress and anxiety levels and enables the body to heal both emotionally and physically and the healing process also aids in boosting up our immunity. All you need to do is to get in bed on time so that you can get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.

  • Immunity Cannot be Boosted Up in Weeks:

Well, the truth is, immunity can be boosted up in weeks or days. There are supplements available that can help in strengthening your immune system within days, weeks, or months. However, how to keep a strong immune system intact dependent upon several external and internal factors. From the food you eat to the environment you live in; every single bit of your life can help in boosting up your immunity gradually if you opt for a healthy lifestyle.

To Sum it up!

Having a strong immune system can ensure better physical and mental health. By taking some immunity boosting supplements and reevaluating your lifestyle and altering unhealthy habits you can ensure your overall wellbeing. Start changing your life for good!