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Officials at George Washington University Hospital within the District say they’ve had related conversations, but for now will proceed to resuscitate covid-19 patients using modified procedures, corresponding to placing plastic sheeting over the affected person to create a barrier. The University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, one of many nation’s major hot spots for infections, is coping with the issue by severely limiting the number of responders to a contagious affected person in cardiac or respiratory arrest. 35 Benjamin F. Miller and Anne De Biasi, “Foundations’ Role in Creating and Advancing Policies That Prevent Disease and Promote Mental Health and Well-Being,” Health Affairs, July 26, 2018.

For bronchial asthma patients, the novel coronavirus could be scary. Here’s what you need to know

When the World Health Organization launched advice on defending your mental health in the course of the coronavirus outbreak, it was broadly welcomed. It’s likely, then, that …