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The patties are made with a flavroful mix of salmon fillet, candy apples and chopped shallot and served on toasted potato buns. Fill store-purchased crepes with shredded rotisserie hen, ricotta cheese and herbs. Top with recent asparagus and a light, lemony sauce. Every a part of the green cruciferous vegetable — from stem to florets — will get used in this protein-packed hen and broccoli dish. The stems turn into a no-carb rice, and florets are gently steamed.

If you’d like slightly more protein, serve it with rooster thighs braised in the same spices and somewhat white wine. If you possibly can’t discover brown mustard seeds, you should use yellow ones as an alternative.

It’s a enjoyable way to jazz up squash whenever you want a straightforward however sudden dinner. A salad is a great choice if you want something light, but that does not imply it must be a …