Constipation is an infrequent bowel movement that causes pain and bloating in your abdomen. If you regularly have constipation or are unable to pass stool for a couple of days, you must visit a gastrologist for treatment and recommendation. Infrequent bowel movements are not healthy for your gut and your entire digestive system. Though occasional constipation may happen to everyone, a frequent pattern is an alarming sign. If you are having difficulty in passing stool, then we are here to help you understand some symptoms of constipation San Antonio. Read below to learn how you can avoid chronic constipation:


Include high-fiber food in your diet 

If you suffer from constipation regularly, it might be due to your diet pattern. What you eat has a direct effect on your digestion, so start including high-fiber food like vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains, cereals and more.


Consume less of dairy products 

Dairy products are known to cause constipation when taken in a large quantity. However, if you have a habit of consuming packed or processed dairy products like yogurt or milkshakes, it may result in an increased problem of constipation.


Stay active 

Exercising improves your overall health. When we talk of overall health, you must not exclude your digestive system. When you are regular with your workout and some physical exercises, your body consumes the food in the form of energy and boosts digestion. Thus, stay active to fight the problem of constipation.


Don’t ignore the urge to pass stool 

Constipation can sometimes happen due to the ignored urge of passing stool. For instance, you are in a meeting, and you have bad pressure. In such cases, try to pass the stool as soon as possible once you are free. Avoiding the urge the entire day might lead to constipation for another couple of days.


Constipation is considered a minor complication by people suffering from it. However, it can cause severe problems, such as swelling in the veins around the anus, tiny tears around the anus, and also cause the rectum to stretch due to accumulation of hardened stool. To avoid such complications from troubling you, do not ignore signs of constipation and visit a doctor to get relief immediately. They might suggest lifestyle changes, food habit changes, and medications that will improve your bowel movement. This can help you get rid of constipation gradually.


By Inferno