Types of injuries

Although the basic principles are the same, the steps for wound care can differ depending on the type of wound. The following are the types of injuries commonly encountered, the following explanation:

1. Lacerations or avulsions

Avulsion is the tear of part or all of the skin and the underlying tissue. Tearing injuries can occur due to gunfire , explosions, serious accidents, or fights. Blood that comes out from this type of injury is usually fast and a lot, so it needs immediate medical treatment.

2. Stab wounds

Stab wounds are caused by sharp and long objects, such as knives, needles, or nails. Although generally does not cause much blood out, this type of wound can penetrate the skin to injure internal organs.

In addition, stab wounds can also cause tetanus . If you are pierced by a dirty object, such as rusty nails, it is advisable to see a doctor immediately. The doctor will perform wound care to prevent infection, and provide tetanus vaccination if needed.

3. Tear or laceration

A torn wound can be a minor scratch, can also be a deep wound with irregular shape. This injury is often found in accidents when driving or working, for example due to the engine. The emergency management of this wound depends on the severity of the bleeding and the affected body part.

4. Incision or incision

Flat, sharp objects, such as razor blades, broken glass, knives, or even paper. In addition, the incision can also be caused by a surgical procedure. As with a torn wound, the emergency management of this wound depends on the condition of the bleeding and the location of the wound.