According to Dr. Richard Nahas, it has become much easier to order prescription medicines online and many people prefer it over visiting a physical pharmacy due to the convenience and cost-savings. However, it is important to do your research when ordering medicines online for your safety and reduce the risk of scammers.

The Discussion

Here are a few crucial things to keep in mind when ordering prescription medicines online:

1. Ensure the pharmacy is licenced – Whenever purchasing prescription medicines online, you should always check whether the online pharmacy has a valid license from the local state board of pharmacy or equivalent state agency to sell medications. This will help ensure that you are purchasing your medicines from a valid business and reduce the risk of your getting scammed.

Also, never purchase medications from any online pharmacy that doesn’t ask you to upload a valid doctor’s prescription. You can be sure that online pharmacies that require a valid license are legit and will sell high-quality medications.

2. Only purchase medicines from established retailers – Nowadays, numerous online pharmacies have popped up that promise to offer high-quality medicines at the best prices. However, not all of them offer the best service or may be suitable for your needs. In fact, many such online retainers don’t follow the best practices and it is risky to purchase medicines from them.

That is why it is important to purchase medicines from established retailers that are quite popular. Generally, reputed online pharmacies are well-known through numerous ads and consistent customer ratings, positive reviews, and good reputations. You can trust them to replace or refund the medications in case something goes wrong with the order, which is not likely with new online sellers.

3. Check the prices – The prices of medicines can vary a lot when you purchase them online compared to offline stores. In fact, the same medicine can vary in price when you check their cost on various online retailers. Thus, it is important to compare the prices before you add the medicines to your cart and hit the checkout button.

Fortunately, reputed online pharmacies often offer discounts of up to 10% in general and up to 20% if you register and become a member. Some online pharmacies allow you to accumulate reward points with each order which you can use to get even more discounts.

4. Consider the location – Generally, it makes sense to purchase your prescribed medicines from an online store that is near your location since it helps to reduce the shipping and delivery time. It also lowers the risk of your medicines getting damaged due to improper storage conditions, heat, cold, and other factors.


Dr. Richard Nahas suggests you keep the potential safety hazards in mind when purchasing prescription medicines online. Never opt to purchase alternatives to the prescribed medicines such as generic versions unless they are recommended by your doctor. Also, be wary of websites that promise false claims such as ‘cure all’, ‘risk-free’, or ‘100% safe’ medications and supplements.

By Inferno