Coping With Symptoms of Mental Health in Stressful Times

Mental health is an important part of our well being. Probably more than physical health is since it’s proven over the years how a disturbed mental condition affects the physical activities of a person. Mental health has also proven its significance in ways that were unknown to us a decade before; emotional support animal registration is one of those phenomena which has only been introduced after people started to realize that depression is a toll on a human mind. 

Ever since Covid-19 has come up, people throughout the world are seeing a totally foreign and uncomfortable way of living. With that, an increase in mental illnesses has been seen- expressed by the people themselves on the internet. There’s no cap, every household we know, there is someone who is struggling for sanity in such long lockdowns. But what are the ways that can help check on ourselves? Or cope with when one feels utterly depressed? Let’s have a brief lookout. 


Part of our mental health is driven because human beings are always subconsciously hesitating to accept the reality; which that we have to be stuck at home for longer periods. As fast as we accept the fact that not being able to meet any friends and roam freely shall be stopped for a certain time period- it would be easier for us to adjust. If we constantly try to come out of the situation and just get delusional about its reality, it will take a toll on our nerves and would have us even more anxious. 

Relax, It’s Not a Productivity Contest!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by seeing people on the internet recklessly sharing their creative projects, and you’re struggling with feelings of dejection – then sit back and relax. Make your mind learned of the fact that this is an unusual time period, and if you’re not able to handle its enormity then it’s totally fine. Even if you’re just surviving these days and not doing anything productive according to the standard activities, just know that you’re doing fine. There’s no need to be overwhelmed with the sense of ‘i should be doing something’. You can take the lockdown as nature giving you a break from doing ‘things’.

Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Fresh Air is banned!

As soon as Coronavirus hit the surface, people started being overly protective of their families and themselves. Protection is good, but being over-protectiveness is really toxic. If you ban the fresh air on yourself, your body would be more prone to be attacked by different viral infections. Moreover, the breath of fresh air is nevertheless a cure to a depressed and dull person. So to cope with your ill spirit, do take evening walks to a park nearby or anywhere you know there is some greenery. Seeing all the bright colors, people moving here, or there or kids playing brings the traces life out of us anew. 

Focus On Positivity

As the discussion gets briefer, you’d surely start seeing various ways there are to cope with mental illness. One huge factor most of us ignore is the need for positivity in these times. If we keep all our focus on the number of people who died off the COVID; and totally ignoring the fact that a figure double to that has recovered on the same day as well- then there’s certainly no way you would beat your depression. When you keep feeding negativity to your mind, it would definitely grow in a negative environment. Remember, you have all the necessary information about the coronavirus; turn the TV off if you can. Just live your life while following the foremost instructions. 

Take this time as nature’s sent towards you. Spend your days talking or sitting with your family, make this bittersweet time a memoir of the days you survived. It all gets easier down the road.