A Guide to Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser procedures can make skin seem younger, feel softer, and firmer. This revolutionary new technology works by piercing the skin’s surface with small laser beams entering the deeper skin levels. The fractional CO2 laser, which is becoming incredibly popular for repairing anything from acne scars to sun damage to wrinkling, is a non-invasive procedure that can truly work wonders.


The fractional CO2 laser, billed as one of the greatest non-surgical anti-aging breakthrough procedures available, provides safe and flawless skin resurfacing outcomes. The fractional CO2 laser targets small light beams into the skin’s deep layers, giving the body’s natural collagen-producing and healing processes a tremendous boost. During this procedure, just tiny patches of skin are treated, leaving nearby skin untreated. This leads to greater outcomes and a shorter recovery period. Earlier CO2 lasers can target 100% of the skin’s surface area, leading to a long recovery period and unpleasant side effects. The fractional laser method only takes a couple of downtime days to treat around 30% of the skin.


How Does The Fractional Co2 Laser Work?


The fractional CO2 laser fractionates or pixellates, the CO2 laser beam into millions of tiny, small light shafts. These little beams of light pierce the skin’s deepest layers. The skin then replaces the old sun-damaged epidermis with new skin to heal those small shafts. Existing collagen shrinks as a result of the “collateral” heat damage.


Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Areas


With its focused light beams, this laser may assist enhance a variety of regions on the body and face. The fractional CO2 laser is beneficial in treating the following conditions:


Face skin that is loose


Fine lines

Fine lines

Scars from acne

Spots of old age

Problems with pigmentation

Scars from surgery

Lifting the brows

Eyelid lift using laser


These lasers are at the frontline of this innovation as we move away from surgical treatments as the primary means to give skin revitalization and a young appearance. Getting cosmetic surgery has numerous risks and lots of downtime. Plastic surgery could also make you seem like you have done work. Laser procedures, like fractional CO2 laser, would rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, but not change it. By resurfacing your skin, lasers could significantly tighten and improve your skin.


What Should I Know About This Cosmetic Dermatological Treatment?


Fractional laser skin resurfacing is often performed in more than one series of procedures. The doctor would give you a local anesthetic and maybe a mild sedative before the procedure. You should wear goggles to protect your eyes and use wet towels to catch any excess laser pulses. Each pulse lasts around a millisecond and they gently wipe away dead tissue between each pass.


Once done, an ointment would be applied in the treated area and might use a dressing to cover it. It is an outpatient treatment that could usually be done in an aesthetic clinic.


The cosmetic doctor would provide you with instructions for making sure that you properly heal after the treatment. It is vital to clean the area using cold water many times a day to avoid scabbing and prevent infection. The area has to be clean and moist always to stimulate healing. It is also suggested that you avoid sun exposure. Even after peeling has halted, you should use sunblock whenever you go outside. Your new skin would be much more likely to be sunburned.


How Long Until I See My Results from CO2 Laser?


It’s important to know that everyone is unique, and so result times could vary from each person. You could expect the results to show in a few weeks or half a year. That really relies on the skin conditions’ severity you’re suffering from.